4 reasons I only buy organic.

So after making the choice not to vaccinate, I wondered what else I had been blinded to. What else have I deemed was safe but in reality wasn’t? What other norms did I grow up with that I wanted to put an end to? I found myself questioning everything. How could I trust anything after what I had just gone through? It was a very strange feeling, realizing I knew nothing. It was almost as if I had to erase 26 years of “knowledge” and start from scratch. Brainwashed is the best word I can use to describe that feeling. I knew I had to start somewhere, so I thought what better place to start then food? So that’s what I did.

There are many more factors as to why I choose to only buy organic, but for the sake of time I narrowed it down to my top 4.

1. GMOs

Genetically Modified Organisms. I had always been skeptical when it came to GMOs. Are they safe or not? Before when I would question this, I relied on our government’s reasoning and thought, well, if it’s good enough for the FDA then it’s good enough for me. HA! 😂 Not anymore! Since I could no longer trust the government’s judgment, I had to do the research for myself. Here are a few major concerns I found:

1. GMOs are banned in at least 26 counties!

**This was huge for me. If it’s banned somewhere else, why wouldn’t it be banned here? 🤔

2. GMOs are linked to organ damage, gastrointestinal issues and infertility to name a few.

3. GMOs increase the use of herbicide

**With GMOs being bred in a lab, they are created to be “herbicide tolerate”. Which means they need to be sprayed with a stronger chemical, which leads me right into my next topic. How convenient.

2. Herbicide

You may or may not have heard of the company Monsanto. They have been in the news lately for being such a controversial company. Monsanto is the leading producer of GMOs and the product Round Up. Yes, the same Round Up you probably have at home and use to kill the weeds. And it’s the same product being sprayed on our crops. It’s a great product for our front and back yards. But is it safe to consume? The FDA would tell you…Yes!! Shocker!! But here is my issue, the product Round Up contains the ingredient Glyphosate which is a known carcinogen. I don’t want to eat that, let alone feed it to my children. Again, we are being told something is safe when it is clearly not.

3. Supporting Like Minded Companies

This is one of my favorite reasons. I love being around people who are like minded. I get so excited when I meet other moms with my same interests. It’s a nice feeling. I like to apply that feeling to this topic. I once read, your dollar is your vote , so make it count. I loved that! It’s so true! I work hard for my money, I don’t want to spend it frivolously. I want my hard earned money to support my cause. The organic cause! Each item I purchased that wasn’t organic was, in my mind, me agreeing with the whole corrupt process. I would be saying Yes!! to GMOs, herbicides, artificial hormones, artificial colors and flavors. And I didn’t want to do that. I want my vote to count!

4. Invest In Your Health

Don’t cheat yourself. You are worth it. Your family is worth it. Invest in yourself and in them! And whenever I have a moment of weakness, or question can I afford this? I look at my kids, and I remember why I’m doing all of this. Their health is my first priority. Feeding them toxins and artificial ingredients and preservatives is simply not ok with me. I want to feed them food. Real food! Food their bodies can use for fuel and nutrients. Invest in your health! You will be so glad you did.

Now, I realize buying/ eating organic is very expensive. That is why I didn’t switch for the longest time. But I did what I could. I started slow. I started buying organic meat and dairy. And that’s all I could handle for a while. Then I started buying organic fruits and veggies. Then everything else eventually followed. I am a HUGE fan of Trader Joe’s. They have great quality food items and it doesn’t break the bank to buy organic. I go every week and spend around $70-$80 for our family of 4. ( Rio is still on baby food, so really there is only 3 of us that eat the groceries.) Amazon is another great place to purchase organic food. I also love Aldi! I buy Rio’s 4 oz organic purée pouches there for .79 cents !! It doesn’t get better then that!

I encourage you to do your research, start small, shop around and see for yourself how making better/ healthier choices can positively influence your family!!

5 thoughts on “4 reasons I only buy organic.

  1. I subscribe to everything you mention here. Buying your vegetables from a local CSA that is certified organically grown (community supported agriculture and certified organically grown farms are not certified by the USDA (whom I generally distrust lol) but other ethical farmers) and getting a CSA for your meats too. There are huge savings taking out the middle man aka grocery stores. I love Trader Joes’s! We dont have one here in Columbus, GA 😔.


  2. Love it! We make so much homemade that can be used for cooking. Homemade chicken soup and jar the broth to use at a later date. Can’t wait for the summer garden again to can and freeze my own stuff. In Michigan we buy farm fresh eggs, veggies from farms and meats where we can find it from local farms too. It is amazing how much crap is put in our foods and people don’t realize-good blog. I would love to expand on it in mine soon


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